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*Price based average price for 18 holes of golf prime time (Weekday, Weekend, Holiday’s)


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Difficulty Level

Province or StateRegionCitiesCourse NameOpen or ClosedHoles & ParAccessPricingDifficulty
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaFalher5-Star Golf Club9 par 32Public($)
AlbertaGreater CalgaryAcmeAcme Golf ClubOpen9 par 36Semi-Private($)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonAlberta BeachAlberta Beach Golf Resort18 par 72Public($)
AlbertaRed DeerRed DeerAlberta Springs18 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaGreater CalgaryAirdrieApple Creek Golf CourseOpen18 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaWainwrightArm Lake Golf Course9Public($)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaAthabascaAthabasca Golf & Country Club18 par 72Semi-Private($)
AlbertaRed DeerRed DeerBalmoral Golf CourseOpen18 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaBarrheadBarrhead Golf ClubOpen18 par 72Semi-Private($)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaBashawBashaw Golf & Country Club9 par 35Semi-Private($)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaBassanoBassano Sage and Thistle Golf Course9 par 36Public($)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaGrande PrairieBear Creek Golf Club18 par 72Public(N/A)
AlbertaCalgaryCalgaryBearspaw Country ClubOpen18 par 72Semi-Private($$$)
AlbertaGreater CalgaryMaddenBeaver Dam Golf Course & RV Resort18 par 71Semi-Private($)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonSherwood ParkBelvedere Golf & Country Club18 par 71Private(N/A)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonNew SareptaBent Stick Golf Course9Public($)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaBretonBig Tee GolfOpen9 par 36Public($$$)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonSpruce GroveBlackhawk Golf Club18 par 71Private(N/A)
AlbertaCalgaryCalgaryBlue Devil Golf Club: (Main 18)Open18 par 72Semi-Private($$$)
AlbertaCalgaryCalgaryBlue Devil Golf Club: (lil Devil)Open9 par 31Semi-Private($)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaBonneyvilleBonnyville Golf & Country ClubOpen18 par 72Public($$)
AlbertaSouthern AlbertaBow IslandBow Island Golf ClubOpen9 par 36Semi-Private($)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaBowdenBowden HiWay Golf CourseOpen9 par 36Semi-Private($)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaBretonBreton Golf CourseOpen9 par 37Public($)
AlbertaWestern RockiesExshawBrewster's Golf Kananaskis Ranch18 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaSouthern AlbertaLethbridgeBridge Valley Golf9 par 27Public($)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaBrooksBrooks Golf Club18 par 71Public($$)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonCalahooCalahoo Hills Golf CourseOpen9 par 36Public($)
AlbertaCalgaryCalgaryCalgary Golf & Country Club18 par 70Private(N/A)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaCamroseCamrose Golf CourseOpen18 par 71Public($)
AlbertaWestern RockiesCanmoreCanmore Golf & Curling Club18 par 71Semi-Private(N/A)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaRocky Mountain HouseCanyon Creek Golf & Camping9 par 34Public($)
AlbertaCalgaryCalgaryCanyon Meadows Golf & Country Club18 par 72Private(N/A)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaMorinvilleCardiff Golf & Country Club18 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaGreater CalgaryDe WintonCarnmoney Golf Club18 par 72Private(N/A)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaCarolineCaroline Golf Course18Public(N/A)
AlbertaGreater CalgaryCarstairsCarstairs Community Golf Club18 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaCastorCastor Golf Club9 par 35Public(N/A)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonSturgeon CountyCattail Crossing Golf & Winter ClubOpen 18 par 72Public($)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaWokingChinook Valley Golf Course9 par 36Public($)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaCleardaleCleardale Golf Course9Public(N/A)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaRyleyCoal Creek Golf ResortOpen18 par 72Public($$)
AlbertaGreater CalgaryCochraneCochrane Golf ClubOpen9 par 35Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaCold LakeCold Lake Golf & Winter Club18 par 72Semi-Private($)
AlbertaGreater CalgaryCrossfieldCollicutt Siding Golf Club18 par 72Semi-Private($)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonBeaumontColoniale Golf ClubOpen18 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaManningCondy Meadows Golf Course & Campground9 par 35Public($)
AlbertaCalgaryCalgaryConfederation Park Golf Course9 par 36Public($$)
AlbertaSouthern AlbertaMedicine HatConnaught Golf ClubOpen18 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaConsortConsort Golf Club9 par 36Public($$$)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaCoronationCoronation Community Golf Course9Public(N/A)
AlbertaSouthern AlbertaMedicine HatCottonwood Coulee Golf CourseOpen18 par 66Public($)
AlbertaGreater CalgaryDe WintonCottonwood Golf & Country Club18 par 71Private(N/A)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonCarvelCougar Creek Golf ResortOpen18 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaBashawCountry 9 Golf & RV Resort9 par 35Semi-Private($)
AlbertaCalgaryCalgaryCountry Hills Golf Club (Ridge/Talons)36 par 72Private(N/A)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonSherwood ParkCountry Side Golf Club (Prairies/Meadows)Open18 par 72Public($$)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonSherwood ParkCountry Side Golf Club (Woodlands)Open10 par 38Public($$)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaSundreCoyote Creek Golf & RV Resort18 par 71Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaSouthern AlbertaBlairmoreCrowsnest Pass Golf Club18 par 73Public($$$)
AlbertaGreater CalgaryOkotoksCrystal Ridge Golf ClubOpen9 par 35Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaGreater CalgaryOkotoksD'Arcy Ranch Golf ClubOpen18 par 72Public($$$)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaEckvilleDark Horse Golf Course9 par 35Public(N/A)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaDayslandDaysland Golf ClubOpen9 par 35Public($)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonSpruce GroveDeer Meadows Golf Course & RV Park9 par 35Public($)
AlbertaSouthern AlbertaMedicine HatDesert Blume Golf ClubOpen18 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonDevonDevon Golf & Conference CenterOpen18 par 70Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaGreater CalgaryDidsburyDidsbury Golf ClubOpen9 par 35Semi-Private($)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaDrumhellerDinosaur Trail Golf & Country ClubOpen18 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaWesteroseDorchester Ranch Golf CourseOpen18 par 71Public($$)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaRosalindDouble Dam Golf Course & Campground18 par 67Public($)
AlbertaEdmontonEdmontonDragons Head Par 3Open18 par 54Public($)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaDrayton ValleyDrayton Valley Golf ClubOpen18 par 71Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaDuchessDuchess Golf CourseOpen9 par 36Public(N/A)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonStony PlainDuffy's Challenge18 par 54Public($)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaWabascaEagle Point Golf Course18Public($)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonLeducEagle Rock Golf CourseOpen18 par 72Public($$)
AlbertaCalgaryCalgaryEaglequest DouglasdaleOpen18 par 60Semi-Private($)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaEagleshamEaglesham Lakeside Golf & Country Club9Public($)
AlbertaCalgaryCalgaryEarl Grey Golf Club (Lakeview Nine)Open9 par 27Private(N/A)
AlbertaCalgaryCalgaryEarl Grey Golf Club (The Main 18)Open18 par 72Private(N/A)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaEdgertonEdgerton & Community Golf Course9 par 36Public($)
AlbertaEdmontonEdmontonEdmonton Country Club18 par 71Private(N/A)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonEdmontonEdmonton Garrison Memorial Golf & Curling Club18 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonEdmontonEdmonton Petroleum Golf & Country Club18 par 72Private(N/A)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonSpruce GroveEdmonton Springs Golf18 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaNorthern RockiesEdsonEdson Golf ClubOpen18 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaCalgaryCalgaryElbow Springs Golf Club (Elbow/Spring/Mountain View)27 par 72Semi-Private($$$)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonFort SaskatchewanElk Island Golf Course9 par 35Public($)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaElk PointElk Point Golf & Country Club9 par 36Semi-Private($)
AlbertaSouthern AlbertaElkwaterElkwater Park Golf Club9 par 36Public($)
AlbertaSouthern AlbertaEnchantEnchant Golf Club9 par 36Public(N/A)
AlbertaSouthern AlbertaLethbridgeEvergreen Golf Centre9 par 28Public($)
AlbertaWestern RockiesBanffFairmont Banff Springs Golf Club (Stanley Thompson 18)18 par 72Public($$$$$$)
AlbertaWestern RockiesBanffFairmont Banff Springs Golf Club (Tunnel 9)9 par 36Public($$$$$$)
AlbertaNorthern RockiesJasperFairmont Jasper Park Lodge Golf Club18 par 71Public($$$$$$)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaFairviewFairview Golf Club & Campground9 par 36Public($)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaFort VermilionFantasy North Golf Club & RV Park9 par 36Public(N/A)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaDelburneFawn Meadows Golf & Country Club9 par 36Semi-Private($)
AlbertaSouthern AlbertaForemostForemost Golf Club9 par 36Public(N/A)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaSundreForest Heights Golf CourseApril 2318 par 71Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaForestburgForestburg Golf Club9 par 36Public($)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonFort SaskatchewanFort in View Golf Course (Buck/Clark/Simpson)Open27 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaSouthern AlbertaFort MacleodFort Macleod Golf Club9 par 35Semi-Private($)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaFort McMurrayFort McMurray Golf Club (Big River/Black Bear/Fox Tail)27 par 72Semi-Private($$$$)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonFort SaskatchewanFort Saskatchewan Golf Club & Curling Club9 par 36Semi-Private($)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaHigh LevelFox Haven Golf & Country Club18 par 72Semi-Private($)
AlbertaCalgaryCalgaryFox Hollow Golf CourseOpen18 par 71Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonFort SaskatchewanFox Run Golf Course18 par 72Public(N/A)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaSlave LakeGilwood Golf Club18 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaEdmontonEdmontonGlendale Golf & Country Club18 par 72Private(N/A)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaSpruce ViewGleniffer Lake Resort & Country ClubOpen9 par 36Public($$)
AlbertaCalgaryCalgaryGolfuture YYCOpen9 par 27Public($)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaGibbonsGoose Hummock Golf ResortOpen18 par 71Public($$)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaCold LakeGrand Centre Golf & Country ClubOpen18 par 72Public($$)
AlbertaNorthern RockiesGrande CasheGrande Cashe Golf & Country Club9 par 35Public(N/A)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaGrande PrairieGrande Prairie Golf & Country Club18 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaSouthern AlbertaGranumGranum Golf & Country Club9 par 27Public($)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaSturgeon LakeGreenview Golf Resort18Public(N/A)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaCarvelGrouse Nest Golf CourseOpen9 par 35Public($)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaGrande PrairieGrovedale Golf & Country Club18 par 72Public($)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaRimbeyGull Lake Golf Course9 par 27Public($)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaDeboltGunby Ranch Golf Course9Public($)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaHannaHanna Golf & Country ClubApril 1718 par 72Public($)3
AlbertaEastern AlbertaHardistyHardisty Lakeview Golf CourseApril 179 par 36Public(N/A)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaAlixHaunted Lakes Golf ClubOpen18 par 70Public($)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaNampaHeart River Golf Club9 par 36Public($)
AlbertaGreater CalgaryRockyviewHeatherGlen Golf Course (Creek/Grove/Hills)Open27 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaSouthern AlbertaRaymondHell's Creek Golf & FootGolf CourseOpen9 par 36Public($)
AlbertaSouthern AlbertaLethbridgeHenderson Lake Golf ClubOpen18 par 70Public($$)
AlbertaGreater CalgaryDe WintonHeritage Pointe Golf Club (Desert/Heritage/Pointe)Open27 par 72Semi-Private($$$)5
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaFawcettHidden Valley Golf Course9 par 36Public($)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaHigh PrairieHigh Prairie & District Golf Club9 par 36Public($)
AlbertaEdmontonEdmontonHighlands Golf ClubOpen18 par 71Semi-Private($$$)
AlbertaGreater CalgaryHigh RiverHighwood Golf (Highwood 18)Open18 par 71Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaGreater CalgaryHigh RiverHighwood Golf (Spitzee 9)Open9 par 33Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaHines CreekHines Creek Golf & Country Club9 par 35Public($)
AlbertaNorthern RockiesHintonHinton Golf ClubApril 2418 par 71Semi-Private($)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaHughendenHughenden Golf Course9 par 35Public($)
AlbertaSouthern AlbertaCoaldaleIndian Hill Golf ClubOpen9 par 36Public($)
AlbertaCalgaryCalgaryInglewood Golf & Curling ClubOpen18 par 71Semi-Private($$$)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaInnisfailInnisfail Golf Club (Aspen/Hazelwood/Spruce)Open27 par 72Semi-Private($$$)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaIrmaIrma Golf Course9 par 35Semi-Private($)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonWabamunIronhead Golf & Country Club18 par 72Public(N/A)
AlbertaEdmontonEdmontonJagare Ridge Golf ClubOpen18 par 72Semi-Private($$$)
AlbertaWestern RockiesKananaskiKananaskis Country Golf Course (Mt. Kidd, Mt. Lorette)36 par 72Public($$$$$)
AlbertaSouthern AlbertaNoblefordKeho Park Golf ClubOpen9 par 36Semi-Private(N/A)
AlbertaEdmontonEdmontonKinsmen Park Pitch & Putt18 par 54Public($)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaKitscotyKitscoty Golf Club9 par 34Public($)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaLa CreteLa Crete Golf Course9 par 36Semi-Private($)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaLac La BicheLac La Biche & Country Club18 par 72Semi-Private($)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaLacombeLacombe Golf & Country ClubOpen18 par 71Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaGreater CalgaryChestermereLakeside Golf ClubOpen18 par 71Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaCalgaryCalgaryLakeview Golf Course9 par 30Public($)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaSylvan LakeLakewood Golf ResortOpen9 par 36Public($$)
AlbertaSouthern AlbertaCoaldaleLand-O-Lakes Golf & Country ClubOpen18 par 71Semi-Private($)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaMarwayneLea Park Golf Club9 par 36Public($)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonLeducLeduc Golf ClubOpen18 par 71Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaSouthern AlbertaCardstonLee Creek Golf Club18 par 72Semi-Private($)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonSherwood ParkLegends Golf & Country Club (Champions Nine/Old Hickory Nine/Traditions Nine)Open27 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaSouthern AlbertaLethbridgeLethbridge Country Club18 par 72Private(N/A)
AlbertaEdmontonEdmontonLewis Estates Golf CourseOpen18 par 72Public($$$)
AlbertaGreater CalgarySibbald Creek Trail-CalgaryLivingStone Golf Course9 par 36Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaWetaskiwinLoons Golf & RV Park9 par 36Public($)
AlbertaCalgaryCalgaryLynx Ridge Golf Club18 par 72Semi-Private($$$)
AlbertaSouthern AlbertaMagrathMagrath Golf Club18 par 72Semi-Private($)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaAshmontMann Lake Golf Course9Public($)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaMannvilleMannville Riverview Golf & RV Resort9 par 35Public($)
AlbertaCalgaryCalgaryMaple Ridge Golf Course18 par 72Public($$)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaMayerthorpeMayerthorpe Golf & Country ClubOpen9 par 35Public(N/A)
AlbertaCalgaryCalgaryMcCall Lake Golf Course (Championship 18)Open18 par 72Public($$)
AlbertaCalgaryCalgaryMcCall Lake Golf Course (Par 3)Open9 par 27Public($$)
AlbertaCalgaryCalgaryMcKenzie Meadows Golf ClubOpen 18 par 72Semi-Private($$$)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaSylvan LakeMeadowlands Golf Club at Sylvan LakeOpen18 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaBrooksMeadows Par 3 Golf Course9 par 27Public(N/A)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonSturgeon CountyMeadowview Golf & Country ClubOpen18 par 72Private($)
AlbertaSouthern AlbertaMedicine HatMedicine Hat Golf & Country ClubOpen18 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaGreater CalgarySpringbank Mickelson National Golf ClubOpen18 par 72Private(N/A)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaPeace RiverMighty Peace Golf Club18 par 72Semi-Private($)
AlbertaEdmontonEdmontonMill Woods Golf Club18 par 72Semi-Private($)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaCamrose CountyMiquelon Hills Golf CourseApril 2418 par 72Semi-Private($)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaFort McMurrayMiskanaw Golf Club18 par 70Public($$$)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaWetaskiwinMontgomery Glen Golf & Country ClubOpen18 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaThorsbyMoose Creek Golf Club9Public(N/A)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaSexsmithMorningview Park Golf Course9 par 35Semi-Private($)
AlbertaGreater CalgaryLyaltaMuirfield Lakes Golf ClubOpen18 par 70Semi-Private($)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaMyrnamMyrnam Derwent Golf & Country Club9Public(N/A)
AlbertaGreater CalgaryNantonNanton Golf ClubOpen18 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaNorthern RockiesNordeggNordegg Historic Golf Course9 par 31Public($)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonSherwood ParkNorthern Bear Golf ClubOpen18 par 72Public($$$$)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaNewbrookNorthern Ridge Golf & RV Resort9 par 35Semi-Private($)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaOldsOlds Golf Club (Championship Course)Open18 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaOldsOlds Golf Club (Par-3 Practice Course)Open5 par 15Semi-Private($)
AlbertaGreater CalgaryStrathmoreOxbow Country Golf CourseOxbow Country Golf CourseOpen9 par 36Semi-Private($)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaOyenOyen & District Golf Club9 par 35Public(N/A)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaBarrheadPaddle River Golf Course9 par 36Semi-Private($)
AlbertaSouthern AlbertaLethbridgeParadise Canyon Golf ResortOpen18 par 71Semi-Private($$$$)
AlbertaSouthern AlbertaMedicine HatParadise Valley Golf Course9 par 27Public($)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaEvansburgPembina Valley Golf ClubApril 229 par 34Public($)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaStettlerPheasantback Golf ClubOpen18 par 71Semi-Private($)
AlbertaSouthern AlbertaPicture ButtePicture Butte Golf Club (Harvest/Heritage/Homestead)Open27 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaMulhurst BayPigeon Lake Golf Club & RV Resort18 par 69Public($)
AlbertaSouthern AlbertaPincher CreekPincher Creek Golf Club18 par 74Public($)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaRocky Mountain HousePine Hills Golf Club18 par 72Public($)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonSeba BeachPine Ridge Golf Resort12 par 47Public($)
AlbertaCalgaryCalgaryPinebrook Golf & Country Club18 par 73Private(N/A)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaWembleyPipestone Golf Club18 par 71Semi-Private($)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaMilletPipestone Links Golf Course & RV ParkOpen9 par 36Public($)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaPonokaPonoka Community Golf Club18 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaGreater CalgaryPriddisPriddis Greens Golf & Country Club (Hawk/Raven)36 par 72Private(N/A)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaProvostProvost and District Golf Club12Semi-Private($)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaRainbow LakeRainbow Lake Golf & Country Club9 par 33Public(N/A)
AlbertaEdmontonEdmontonRaven Crest Golf & Country ClubOpen18 par 72Semi-Private($$$)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaAlder FlatsRaven Meadows Golf Resort18 par 72Public(N/A)
AlbertaRed DeerRed DeerRed Deer Golf & Country ClubOpen 18 par 72Semi-Private($$$$$)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonNiskuRedTail Landing Golf ClubOpen18 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaRedwaterRedwater Community Golf Club9 par 35Public($)
AlbertaGreater CalgaryRedwood MeadowsRedwood Meadows Golf & Country Club18 par 72Semi-Private(N/A)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaGlenevisRich Valley RV & Golf Resort9 par 36Public($)
AlbertaRed DeerRed DeerRiver Bend Golf & Recreation Area18 par 72Public($$)
AlbertaEdmontonEdmontonRiver Ridge Golf ClubOpen18 par 71Semi-Private($$$)
AlbertaCalgaryCalgaryRiver Spirit Golf Club (Cattails/Millburn/Spirit)27 par 72Semi-Private($$$)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaSexsmithRiver Stone Golf Course9 par 35Public($)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaWandering RiverRiverbank Golf & RV Park9 par 36Public($)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaBeaverlodgeRiverbend Golf & Country Club9 par 35Public($)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaWainwrightRiverdale Mini-Park Golf Course18 par 54Public($)
AlbertaCalgaryOkotoksRiver's Edge Golf ClubOpen18 par 71Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaEdmontonEdmontonRiverside Golf Course in Edmonton18 par 71Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaSouthern AlbertaMilk RiverRiverside Golf Course in Milk River9 par 36Public(N/A)
AlbertaSouthern AlbertaRedcliffRiverview Golf Club18 par 71Semi-Private($)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaLloydminsterRolling Green Fairways Golf Course & RV Park18 par 71Public($)
AlbertaSouthern AlbertaRolling HillsRolling Hills Golf & Country Club9 par 33Public($)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaFort McMurrayRotaryLinks Golf @ Wood Buffalo18 par 72Public($$)
AlbertaEdmontonEdmontonRoyal Mayfair Golf ClubOpen18 par 71Private(N/A)
AlbertaEdmontonEdmontonRundle Golf CourseOpen18 par 54Public(N/A)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonSturgeon CountySandpiper Golf & Country ClubOpen18 par 72Semi-Private($$$)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaSedgewickSedgewick Golf Club9 par 36Semi-Private(N/A)
AlbertaGreater CalgaryRockyviewSerenity Golf Club (Dancing Bull/Suncatcher)Open36 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaCalgaryCalgaryShaganappi Point Golf Course (Championship 18)Open18 par 68Public($)
AlbertaCalgaryCalgaryShaganappi Point Golf Course (Valley 9)9 par 32Public($)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaFox CreekSilver Birch Golf ClubApril 309 par 36Public($)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaNew NorwaySilver Creek Golf & RV Resort (North/South/West)Open27 par 72Public($)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaFallisSilver Sands Golf ResortOpen18 par 72Semi-Private($)
AlbertaCalgaryCalgarySilver Springs Golf & Country ClubApril 1718 par 72Private(N/A)
AlbertaWestern RockiesCanmoreSilvertip ResortMay 1418 par 72Public($$$$$)
AlbertaCalgaryCalgarySirocco Golf ClubOpen18 par 72Semi-Private($$$)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaBoyleSkeleton Lake Golf & Country Club 9 par 36Semi-Private($)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaSmoky LakeSmoky Lake Golf ClubOpen9 par 36Public($)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaMcLennanSmoky River Regional Golf Course9 par 36Public(N/A)
AlbertaGreater CalgaryCarselandSpeargrass Golf CourseOpen18 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaRed DeerRed DeerSpirit Creek Golf & Country Club18 par 66Public($)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaBon AccordSpring Creek Golf Course18 par 57Public(N/A)
AlbertaGreater CalgarySpringbank Springbank Links Golf ClubOpen 18 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaSexsmithSpruce Meadows Golf Course18 par 71Semi-Private($)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaSt PaulSt. Paul Golf Course18 par 72Public($$$)
AlbertaSouthern AlbertaStavelyStavely Golf Course9Public($)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaStettlerStettler Golf & Country Club9 par 35Public($)
AlbertaWestern RockiesCanmoreStewart Creek Golf & Country Club18 par 71Public($$$$$)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonStony PlainStony Plain Golf CourseOpen18 par 72Public($$)
AlbertaGreater CalgaryStrathmoreStrathmore Golf ClubOpen18 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonSt AlbertSturgeon Valley Golf and Country Club Open18 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaSundreSundre Golf ClubOpen18 par 72Semi-Private($$$)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaSwan HillsSwan Hills Golf & Country Club9 par 36Semi-Private(N/A)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaSylvan LakeSylvan Lake Golf & Country Club18 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaSouthern AlbertaTaberTaber Golf ClubOpen18 par 72Semi-Private($)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonSt AlbertTerrae Pines Golf & Country ClubOpen18 par 72Public($)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaGrande PrairieThe Bear PawMay 19 par 27Public($)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaMa-Me-O BeachThe Black Bull (Championship Course)Open18 par 73Public($$)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaMa-Me-O BeachThe Black Bull (Executive Course)Open9 par 31Public($$)
AlbertaSouthern AlbertaClaresholmThe Bridges at Claresholm Golf Course18 par 72Semi-Private($)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonSherwood ParkThe Broadmoor Golf Course18 par 72Public($$)
AlbertaGreater CalgaryDelacourThe Canal at Delacour Golf ClubOpen18 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaGrimshawThe Creek Golf Club9 par 36Public(N/A)
AlbertaEdmontonEdmontonThe Derrick Golf & Winter ClubOpen18Private(N/A)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaGrande PrairieThe Dunes Golf & Winter Club18 par 71Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaCalgaryCalgaryThe Glencoe Golf & Country Club (Bridges/Lakes/Slopes)27 par 72Private(N/A)
AlbertaCalgaryCalgaryThe Glencoe Golf & Country Club (The Forest)18 par 72Private(N/A)
AlbertaCalgaryCalgaryThe Hamptons Golf Club18 par 72Private(N/A)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonSpruce GroveThe Links at Spruce GroveOpen18 par 72Public($$)
AlbertaGreater CalgaryCochraneThe Links of GlenEaglesOpen18 par 72Semi-Private($$$)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaLacombeThe Nursery Golf & Country ClubOpen18 par 73Public($$)
AlbertaEdmontonEdmontonThe QuarryOpen18 par 72Semi-Private($$$)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonAchesonThe Ranch Golf & Country ClubOpen18 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaGreater CalgaryLangdonThe TrackOpen18 par 72Semi-Private($)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaLindaleThe Village Golf Course9 par 34Public($)
AlbertaCalgaryCalgaryThe Winston Golf ClubOpen18 par 72Semi-Private($$$$)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaThree HillsThree Hills Golf ClubOpen9 par 36Semi-Private($)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaTofieldTofield Golf CourseOpen 9 par 34Semi-Private($)
AlbertaGreater CalgaryCremonaTooth of the Dog Pound Creek Golf CourseOpen18 par 72Semi-Private($$$)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaOldsTrail Creek Golf ClubOpen9 par 36Public(N/A)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaEntwistleTrestle Creek Golf Resort (Jack Pine/Creekside)April 1718 par 72Public($$)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaEntwistleTrestle Creek Golf Resort (Par 3 Course)April 179 par 27Public($$)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaMilletTriple Creek Golf ClubOpen9 par 35Public($)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaTrochuTrochu Golf & Country Club18 par 71Semi-Private($)
AlbertaGreater CalgaryTurner ValleyTurner Valley Golf ClubOpen18 par 71Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaEdmontonEdmontonTwin Willows Golf ClubOpen 18 par 72Public($$)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaTwo HillsTwo Hills Lions Golf & Country ClubOpen9 par 36Public($$)
AlbertaCalgaryCalgaryValley Ridge Golf ClubOpen18 par 72Semi-Private($$$)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaValleyviewValleyview Riverside Golf Club9 par 35Public(N/A)
AlbertaSouthern AlbertaVauxhallVauxhall Golf Club9 par 36Semi-Private($)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaVegrevilleVegreville Kinsmen Golf CourseOpen9 par 36Semi-Private($)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaVermilionVermilion Golf & Country Club9 par 35Public($)
AlbertaEdmontonEdmontonVictoria Golf Course18Public($$)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaVikingViking Golf & Country ClubOpen9 par 36Public(N/A)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaVilnaVilna Golf CourseOpen9 par 36Public(N/A)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaFort McMurrayVista Ridge Golf Course12 par 43Public(N/A)
AlbertaGreater CalgaryVulcanVulcan Golf & Country ClubOpen18 par 70Semi-Private($)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaWainwrightWainwright Golf CourseOpen18 par 72Semi-Private($)
AlbertaGreater CalgaryWater ValleyWater Valley Golf & Country Club18 par 72Semi-Private($$)
AlbertaSouthern AlbertaWatertonWaterton Lake Golf Course18 par 71Semi-Private(N/A)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaWestlockWestlock Golf ClubApril 1718 par 72Semi-Private($)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaPine LakeWhispering Pines Golf and Country Resort18 par 72Semi-Private($)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaCamroseWhistle Stop Golf18Public($)
AlbertaNorthern AlbertaWhitecourtWhitecourt Golf & Country ClubOpen18 par 72Public($$)
AlbertaEastern AlbertaMundareWhitetail Crossing Golf Club18 par 72Public(N/A)
AlbertaGreater EdmontonWabamunWhitewood Links Golf Course9 par 36Public(N/A)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaWesteroseWillow Greens Golf Resort18 par 71Semi-Private($)
AlbertaCalgaryCalgaryWillow Park Golf & Country ClubOpen18 par 71Private(N/A)
AlbertaEdmontonEdmontonWindermere Golf & Country ClubApril 2218 par 71Private(N/A)
AlbertaGreater CalgaryBragg CreekWintergreen Golf & Country Club18 par 72Semi-Private(N/A)
AlbertaCentral AlbertaPonokaWolf Creek Golf CourseOpen36 par 72Semi-Private($$$)
AlbertaGreater CalgaryAirdrieWoodside Golf Course18 par 70Semi-Private(N/A)

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Top 10 Canada Courses

Cabot Cliffs at Cabot Links

1st        1st 
Inverness, N.S.
18 Holes, Par 70, 6803 yds
Slope 129, Rating 72.7

This jaw-dropper contains several spectacular oceanside holes, holes through high dunes and holes on both high and low lands. It has it all and it’s the best course in Canada.

The National GC Of Canada

2nd        1st 
Woodbridge, Ont.
18 Holes, Par 72, 7235 yds
Slope 149, Rating 74.2

The George and Tom Fazio design is still as good and pure as ever and while its reputation for difficulty is well-earned, it is quite simply a demanding yet fair test with sensational holes throughout.

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge Golf Course

3rd        1st 
Jasper, Alta.
18 Holes, Par 71, 6663 yds
Slope 124, Rating 71.1

This is Stanley Thompson’s most joyous course, not only in its sheer beauty, but also in its awesome and sometimes quirky design.

St. George's Golf and Country Club

4th         2nd
Toronto, Ont.
18 Holes, Par 71, 7145 yds
Slope 135, Rating 74.6

This is Stanley Thompson’s most joyous course, not only in its sheer beauty, but also in its awesome and sometimes quirky design.

Cabot Links

5th         2nd
Inverness, N.S.
18 Holes, Par 70, 6803 yds
Slope 129, Rating 72.7

With views of the ocean available from every inch of the golf course and the elements largely determining its toughness on any given day.

Fairmont Banff Springs Golf Club (Stanley Thompson 18)

6th         2nd
Banff, Alta.
18 Holes, Par 71, 6938 yds
Slope 135, Rating 72.9

We’ve waxed lyrical about the location of Banff Springs Golf Club, but we can assure you that nothing prepares you for the reality, charm and sheer enormity of the setting.

Hamilton Golf and Country Club

7th         3rd 
Ancaster, Ont.
18 Holes, Par 70, 6915 yds, Slope 136, Rating 74.1

Significant tree removal has provided Harry Colt’s Hamilton G&CC with a much different look than in the past and as a result Colt’s sensational holes have never played better.

Capilano Golf and Country Club

8th         1st 
West Vancouver, B.C.
18 Holes, Par 70, 6606 yds
Slope 131, Rating 72.3

The Stanley Thompson gem with views of Vancouver’s skyline, as well as distant mountain peaks, is tame going out, tough coming in and an overall terrific time.

Highlands Links Golf Club

9th         2nd 
Ingonish Beach, N.S.
18 Holes, Par 72, 6592 yds
Slope 141, Rating 73.3

The routing is sublime as Stanley Thompson takes you from the Atlantic Ocean, to the mountains, into a valley and back to the ocean again. Humps and bumps all the way around.

Devil's Paintbrush

10th         4th 
Caledon, Ont.
18 Holes, Par 72, 6772 yds
Slope 135, Rating 72.9

The Devil’s Paintbrush paid homage to the links of Scotland with a course largely void of trees and marked by pot bunkers, blind shots, double-greens, tall fescue and charming accents like stone walls and ruins.


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