Tournament Packages & Group Bookings

Choosing the best place for your groups Golf Tournament or Group Bookings in the Calgary and Greater Calgary Area

 has put together this listing based on their own research.

Valuable Tournament Services to Consider as these may or may not add value for your participants include:
• Green Fees
• Power Carts
• Driving Range
• Pre Tournament Golf Instruction
• Tournament Scoring / Rules Sheet
• Cart Identification Signage & Assistance
• Course Setup / Course Signage Setup
• On Course Proximity Markers
• Registration Table
• Course Marshaling
• Tournament Prize Table

STEP 1. Select Your Day And Time.
STEP 2. Select Your Green Fee per player (if prize allotment is included in price Skip Step 3)
STEP 3. Pick Your Prizes Or Load a Proshop Gift Card
STEP 4. Food Selection
a) Before Or After the Round?
b) Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Combination
c) Food during round – hole, what type of selection
d) GST & Gratuity – in cost of tournament or players adding day of event?
Once you have decided on a golf course to look at Tournament Packages

Click on Golf Course name for tournament Packages. *Some Packages and Links may not be 2020 Pricing. If this is the case please contact your local golf course for updated pricing.

Not set on a Golf Course? Uncertain which Course would be best?  Is Cost a Factor? Consult the Table below for baseline pricing.

Require further tips and pointers click on this link: How to Run a Golf Tournament

Once you have decided to host a event: Click Here to summit your event for free or go to calendar page of the website.

Table below is a sample for 18 hole green fee and cart tournament play only (* meals and extras may not be included).

Some pricing may not be 2020 pricing. Update pricing coming soon

CourseTournament PackageHolesMinimum Players NeededMeal IncludedPrize Allotment per PlayerDatesPricing StartContact
Acme Golf Club18N/AYes$0.00Anytime$55.00Proshop (403) 546-4020
Apple Creek Golf Course18N/AYes$10.00Anytime$110.15Loretta Apthorp
(403) 813-2203
Bearspaw Country Club18N/AYes$15.00Mon.- Thurs.$175.00MISHA DAVIDSON (403) 587-6677 MISHA@WINDMILLGOLF.COM
Beaver Dam Golf Course18N/ANo$0.00Anytime$54.00Steve Garside (403) 946-5200
Blue Devil (lil Devil) Golf Course9N/AYes$0.00Anytime$38.00Blake Clayton (
Blue Devil Golf Course18N/AYes$0.00Anytime$84.00Blake Clayton (
Carstairs Community Golf Club18N/AYes$0.00Anytime$
Cochrane Golf Club1813Yes$0.00Anytime$72.00Brad Walz (403)932-5103
Collicutt Siding Golf Course18N/AYes$10.00Anytime$70.50Lyndon King (403) 946-2343 (#4) or
Cottonwood Golf and Country Club1812Yes$20.00Mon., Thurs.$165.00Sean Thompson (403) 938-7200
Country Hills Golf Club18N/AYes$0.00Mon., Weds.$190.00Shaun Luopa
(403) 226-7777
Crystal Ridge18N/AYes$0.00Anytime$
D'Arcy Ranch Golf Club18N/AYes$14.00Anytime$110.00Barb Binkley
(403) 938-5522
Eaglequest Douglasdale Golf Course18N/AYes$0.00Anytime$55.00Chris Davis (403)279 7913 ext. 108
Elbow Springs Golf Club18N/AYes$0.00Anytime$129.00Dani Poupart
(403) 246-2828 ext. 801
Fox Hollow Golf Course18N/AYes$9.50Anytime$104.50The Pro Shop:
(403) 277-4653
Golf Canada Calgary Centre9N/ANo$0.00Anytime$20.00Kelsey Clayton
(403) 640-3555
HeatherGlen Golf Course18N/AYes$0.00Anytime$69.00Doug Repp (
Inglewood Golf and Curling Club18N/AYes$20.00Anytime$139.00Greg Johnson (403) 272.4363
Lakeside Greens Golf and Country Club18N/AYes$8.00Anytime$95.00Tyler Willner (403) 569-9111 ext. 212
Links of GlenEagles Golf Coursese18N/AYes$0.00Anytime$89.00Riley Boothby (
Lynx Ridge Golf Club1812No$0.00Anytime$109.00Matthew Kirlin (403) 930.7364
McKenzie Meadows Golf Club1824Yes$15.00Anytime$125.82P r o S h o p ( 4 0 3 ) 2 5 7 - 2 2 5 5 e v e n t s @ m c k e n z i e m e a d o w s . c o m
Muirfield Lakes Golf Club1812Yes$0.00Anytime$60.00Julian Klatzel (403) 870-8786
Nanton Golf Club1816No$10.00Anytime$60.00Pro Shop (403) 646-2050
Oxbow Country Golf Course18N/AYes$0.00Anytime$69.50Pro Shop 403-934-3693
Redwood Meadows Golf and Country Club18N/AYes$17.00Mon., Thurs.$160.00Kevin Black (403) 949-3663
River Spirit Golf Club1825Yes$15.00Anytime$100.00Chelsea White (403)246-4776
River's Edge Golf Club18N/AYes$5.00Anytime$82.00Mike Engelhardt
(403) 938-4200 ext. 205
Serenity Golf Club18N/ANo$0.00Anytime$54.00Kevin Graf (
Sirocco Golf Club18N/AYes$10.00Mon., Thurs.$169.00Mallory McNab
(403) 984-1396
Speargrass Golf Course18N/AYes$10.00Anytime$75.00Jacob Manz(403)901-1134 ext. 223
Springbank Links Golf Course18N/ANo$10.00Anytime$97.00Cam Heise
(403) 202-2000 ext. 305
The Canal at Delacour1828Yes$0.00Thurs-Sun.$95.00Bob Davidchuk (403) 590-4515
The Hamptons Golf Club1844No$0.00Anytime$99.00Misha Davidson (587) 578-6677
The Winston Golf Club18N/AYes$20.00Anytime$160.00Scott Anderson (403) 984-1701
Turner Valley Golf and Country Club18N/ANo$0.00Anytime$74.00Cory Seaman
(403) 933-4721 exy. 221
Valley Ridge Golf Course18N/AYes$12.00Anytime$159.00Hayley Dalgleish
403-221-9682 ext. 242
Vulcan Golf and Country Club18N/ANo$0.00Anytime$52.00Raymond (403) 485-2553 ext. 6
Water Valley Golf and Country Club184No$10.00Anytime$75.25Cindy Setter
(403) 637-2388 ext. 1
Wintergreen Golf Course1812Yes$15.00Anytime$150.00Tom Day (403) 949-3333 ext. 5303
Woodside Golf Course18N/AYes$12.00Anytime$107.00Pro Shop (403) 948-6717